Green Jersey at Actinic User Conference 2010

Green Jersey at Actinic User Conference 2010

20th October 2010

We’ve been Actinic design partners for many years, using their e-commerce software for most of our online shops. As well as being a customer of theirs we’re also a supplier, having created Actinic’s own corporate website. So we were very happy to speak at their 2010 user conference in Richmond, SW London. Green Jersey’s Mark Fraser gave a presentation about using Actinic software to compete with major retailers.

We’ve long believed that a small or medium sized business can compete very well against competitors who may be many times larger, and with heavyweight budgets to match. By maintaining the highest possible standards, and being shrewd about its strengths & weaknesses, a small business can steal a march over the giants of retail.

We used our client site Appliance House as an good example, and it does very well against the biggest retailers of electricals.

You can download a PDF (1.75 Mb) of the presentation.