New website for Actinic Software Ltd

New website for Actinic Software Ltd

14th February 2010

Green Jersey very often uses Actinic e-commerce software to build online shops for retailers, and has been a leading Actinic design partner for several years. We’ve worked closely with Actinic on several joint projects, so we were delighted to be able to design & build Actinic’s own new corporate website.

Actinic Software Ltd Actinic’s previous website used static HTML and had grown very large over many years as the business developed. We replaced it with a dynamic, database-driven site using a powerful Content Management System (CMS) to allow Actinic complete control over their website’s information.

We created a completely new design to modernise and showcase Actinic’s brand. The site’s content was completely restructured, with a clear focus on Actinic’s four main product families.

The site has many customised features developed to present Actinic’s products, services & partners to its customers. The new website is a key sales tool and an important component of Actinic’s customer service & support.

Visit the new Actinic website at