Interview with Oxatis founder Marc Schillaci

Interview with Oxatis founder Marc Schillaci

22nd September 2011

Interview with Oxatis founder Marc SchillaciAt Salon E-commerce Paris 2011 last week, Marc Schillaci (founder of French e-commerce software company Oxatis) gave a short video interview to Locita, the technology website. Since Oxatis is Actinic’s strategic partner and provides the platform for the new venture Actinic Online, we’ve summarised the interview in English. The key points we drew from the interview were:-

  • Oxatis addresses the SME market with retailers’ turnover ranging from a few thousand Euros to tens of millions of Euros. Business owners typically have little time and few technical skills.
  • Oxatis retailers increasingly want to sell through multiple platforms (e.g. their own website, eBay, Amazon Marketplace, Facebook).
  • “Social commerce” has not had much financial impact yet but it is important to position Oxatis ready to exploit it.
  • Setting up a Facebook shop is very quick with Oxatis, with no technical skills required.
  • It is the right time to consider a mobile commerce strategy. Finding products using a mobile device is not yet very effective, and a traditional PC device is still far better.
  • However, mobile apps can be good for online shop owners – Oxatis Mobile Assistant is useful to manage stock & sales, for example.

Just get in touch with us if you’d like to discuss whether an Actinic Online website could help your e-business.