SellerDeck v10 rebuild for Continental VDO

SellerDeck v10 rebuild for Continental VDO

15th December 2010

Several years ago we built an Actinic (now known as SellerDeck) v7 e-commerce website for what was then called Siemens VDO. The site allowed VDO to offer direct online sales of its digital tachograph products for the first time. VDO was one of Green Jersey’s first e-commerce clients, so we’re particularly delighted to have just launched an all-new Actinic v10 site for them.

By 2010, direct internet sales had become a key channel for VDO, and the business was now part of the Continental organisation. Green Jersey was asked to completely rebuild the site to take advantage of Actinic v10 capabilities, to offer a much wider range of products, and to redesign the site to match the worldwide corporate branding.

Visit the new Continental VDO website at