Green Jersey sponsors Twenty3c-Orbea

Green Jersey sponsors Twenty3c-Orbea

23rd January 2011

Green Jersey is delighted to be sponsoring elite cycle racing team Twenty3c-Orbea for 2011. This is the third year that we have sponsored the team, following our sponsorship of the owners’ 2009 and 2010 teams.

Each year the team has grown and progressed within the sport, to the point that Twenty3c-Orbea is aiming to be one of the top teams in the UK during 2011.

Cycling in the UK is enjoying a period of huge growth across all ages and socio-economic groups, and we have found that our support & sponsorship has given a good return in the form of media coverage and contact with new clients.

As a health-oriented, ecologically sound sport, cycling is an attractive choice for sponsorship.

The team hopes to be invited to take part in a series of televised, high profile, city centre races which would give us excellent exposure.