12th February 2009

We’ve just launched a new e-commerce website for a specialist retailer of hydroponics and aeroponics equipment. When we were first pproached, we had little idea of what these growing techniques are. In fact, hydroponics is the art of cultivating plants in water without soil. Find out what it’s all about at the new site.

GreenSea is a leading supplier of equipment to growers of hydroponic & aeroponic plants, based in Mildenhall, Suffolk. The business also manufactures its own range of specialist equipment too. GreenSea is well known within its market but its online presence didn’t do it full justice or gain it much trade.

We designed & built a new SellerDeck (previously Actinic) website for GreenSea with an emphasis on detailed, clear presentation of its products, with a contemporary, modern appearance.

The website’s features and developments include:-

  • high-quality zoom of all product images
  • customer accounts functionality
  • product specifications automatically produced from custom variables
  • related products suggested on each individual product page
  • dynamic photo gallery
  • integrated Google Maps

See the new site at