New kitchen appliance retail website

New kitchen appliance retail website

15th July 2010

Our new site for Appliance House is a brand new venture offering kitchen appliances & related products, and it’s one of our most comprehensive e-commerce projects. We created the logo & branding for the new business before producing the website itself, which has SellerDeck (previously known as Actinic) e-commerce software at its heart.

Everything about the new site is intended to help it compete strongly with the largest of retailers, to give shoppers confidence in the quality of the Appliance House brand and its products.

There’s particular emphasis on the presentation of products themselves, extending SellerDeck’s database to hold a huge number of product specification variables, and writing code to display them in the most helpful way to customers.

The Appliance House project is one of our most comprehensive Actinic online stores, with features such as:-

  • Extensive product specifications and very large product catalogue
  • “Sort by” price, brand, or energy rating
  • Customer “price challenge” feature
  • Shop by brand or by product type
  • High-quality zoom of all product images
  • Multiple, dynamic product images
  • Related products suggested on each individual product page
  • “Was / now” pricing
  • Extensive Special offers
  • “Accordion” effect to simplify lengthy pages
  • Extensive illustrated reference material for customers

Green Jersey and Appliance House have plans to make further enhancements to the site, with some exciting features & functionality in the pipeline.

Visit the new Appliance House website at