Our most ambitious SellerDeck site goes live

Our most ambitious SellerDeck site goes live

23rd November 2009

Green Jersey has just launched, our most ambitious SellerDeck (previously known as Actinic) e-commerce website yet. As soon as we were approached by Polished Bliss, a leading supplier of high-end car care products & services, we knew that their fanatical attention to detail would give us an ideal opportunity to produce an e-commerce website with no compromises.

We first met Polished Bliss when they commissioned us to review their successful but ageing Actinic v7 online store, and to produce a comprehensive report on how to take their e-commerce to a high level. The owners knew that their new website would play a vital part in their overall business development plan and would be crucial to their growth over the next few years, and they went on to commission Green Jersey to produce a top-quality site.

First, we produced new company branding for all business activities such as signage, vehicle livery, stationery and print, as well as for their online presence.

When work on the new website began, we knew it had to achieve two quite separate objectives:-

  • to offer & sell products very effectively, maximising order volumes and values
  • and also to market the luxury services supplied by the business

We soon decided to create a separate set of templates for the services section of the site, giving a much darker, luxury feel to these areas, whilst retaining common layout & navigation so that users would not be disorientated as they moved from one side of the site to the other.

Quality imagery is always vital to the success and quality feel of a website, and Polished Bliss recognised this too. All product photos were reproduced for the new site so that the new zoom viewer could be fully exploited, and an important relationship was established between Polished Bliss and Ambient Life, an expert commercial photographer specialising in automotive photography. The new site’s striking banner images are licensed from Ambient Life, and they gave us superb raw material to work with.

We’ve integrated WordPress blogs into several of our previous SellerDeck websites to allow our clients to easily add news and other content. For Polished Bliss, we made the integration absolutely seamless. The facility is particularly important within this site as the blog was planned to carry not only news but high quality video and showcase galleries of Polished Bliss work.

A previous showcase of their work attracted a third of a million views, so we knew the streaming video service would need to be scaled up for high volumes. So rather than serve videos from the Polished Bliss web server, we recommended Kaltura’s content delivery service, which also has a great WordPress plugin.

We extensively developed the SellerDeck database. For example, we created a huge number of custom variables and conditional code so that products could be described in full detail, and so that product specifications and usage information could be neatly arranged in tabbed panels & tables.

The site’s notable features include:-

The site’s migration was particularly complex, as the old site was very well-known and busy, and we needed to keep downtime to an absolute minimum. Plus, we needed to reregister domains, move hosting to a new provider and a dedicated server, and cater for the dual requirements of an SellerDeck site co-existing with a WordPress site.

Green Jersey and Polished Bliss already have plans for Release 1.1 of the new site early in the New Year. We look forward to developing our relationship and supporting Polished Bliss in 2010.

Visit the new Polished Bliss website at