Green Jersey designs beautiful, robust, easy-to-manage websites and e-commerce stores.‬ Whether you have a large, established company or a new start-up, we deliver complete online solutions to support your business and achieve success on the web.

Green Jersey offers full e-commerce services, content management systems, analytics, online advertising campaigns, email marketing, branding, SEO and social media too.

Everything we do has the clear objective of maximising our clients’ return on investment.

E-commerce strategy

We work hard to understand your business requirements, what you want to achieve and, most importantly, who you want to talk to.

Successful e-commerce isn’t just about building effective websites though – we develop e-commerce strategies with our clients that cover business planning & funding, operations & support, pricing, customer service, order management, payment services, customer relationships, marketing and advertising.

Design and development

We like to design sites that customers find attractive, navigate naturally and, above all, which give the right messages and encourage people to buy online. We’ll often photograph our clients’ products and produce our websites’ lifestyle photography too.

Our developers write clean code that creates fast, effective websites. Clients have maximum control of their own sites, and our modular approach allows our sites to grow with the businesses that they support.


We realise that a website can be a significant investment, especially for a new start-up, so our clients need to be confident that they’re getting the best possible return.

We work closely with them to analyse their sites’ performance & their customers’ online activity, so we can plan & execute improvements to their website content, structure, design, functionality & processes.

We’ll often work with clients on their overall business & marketing plans, helping them make the most of opportunities online.

SEO and digital marketing

We design, code, and write content for maximum search engine effectiveness. Then we help clients exploit social media, email campaigns, and online advertising - all focused on delivering a return on investment.

We help clients develop their online presence across all the social media platforms that are right for them. And we can manage their social media and their online advertising campaigns.