Axiom Films

Axiom Films

Axiom Films is a leading independent film production and distribution company, with a catalogue of over one hundred films. Green Jersey has experience of creating film industry websites, having already built an e-commerce site for BFI (British Film Institute), so Axiom Films asked us to produce a new website to meet their vital requirements:-

  • widespread use of high-quality video trailers and short films within the website
  • a comprehensive database of their films for enthusiasts
  • the ability to manage all site content themselves
  • a private area of the website with content for cinema managers & other film industry users
  • a separate private area of the site for members of the Press

The new site meets these requirements by:-

  • building the site upon the Joomla Content Management System (CMS)
  • integrating Kaltura’s specialist video service
  • extensive customisation of SOBI2 directory software to create the film library

The extent of custom development and the richness of content within the new site makes this one of our most ambitious projects to date.

“I recall being particularly impressed by the work Green Jersey had done in creating a new online shop facility for the British Film Institute, and in 2009 I invited them to pitch for the job of replacing Axiom Film’s existing ageing static website with a completely new platform driven by a sophisticated content management system. This was a comprehensive and demanding project that called for design, development and implementation solutions, and from the first meeting with Green Jersey’s Mark Fraser it was clear that he not only fully understood the brief but was also able to contribute fresh thinking and new ideas and so quickly distil our requirements into a clear, detailed and relevant proposal which – crucially – was also set out in lay terms – an approach that came to define his overall management of the project.

In subsequent weeks, through regular workshops and with constant, almost daily, communication, the project was fully developed and refined on paper so that by the time Green Jersey was able to actually starting building the site it consisted of a number of core deliverables that had widened considerably from the original concept. In short, it had progressed well beyond the creation and configuration of a completely new platform and now included a comprehensive design element, a bespoke online shop and a number of special customised features to be driven by the CMS. All of this came about through an intensive and extremely valuable workshop process, in which Green Jersey challenged and inspired us to think about what kind of solutions we really needed rather than developing what seemed like “a good idea at the time” but which might quickly become redundant.

A key factor in all of this was how the considerable information on our products (including film trailers and other video) was organised between the film library within the Joomla site and the e-commerce facility, and as the site began to come together Green Jersey worked tirelessly with the Axiom team and also with our overseas media hosting partner in rapidly coming up with economical custom content solutions and integrating the dedicated player facility into the site, which in itself was not at all a straightforward task.

Green Jersey conceived, designed, managed and delivered this project in an exemplary manner and in so doing provided us with a highly cost effective ”turn-key” solution. We are very happy with the results, and have seen a significant uplift in new traffic to our site which has been widely commented on and praised, and we are exceptionally grateful to the team for their flexibility and professionalism way beyond the call of duty.”

Douglas Cummins, Managing Director, Axiom Films Ltd