Down’s Syndrome Association

Down’s Syndrome Association

Green Jersey’s site for the Downs Syndrome Association is one of our most extensive and comprehensive websites.

Our brief was to produce a contemporary design which would show that DSA is a modern, forward-thinking charity, and to make DSA’s vast range of information resources much more easily available.

The new site is particularly accessible, including an effective “talking text” facility to help users who find reading difficult.

DSA’s new website is packed with advanced features. It is a dynamic, database-driven site with a powerful CMS (Content Management System) to allow DSA’s administrators to easily add content and manage the site.

There is also a comprehensive online shop, tightly integrated into the CMS.

Green Jersey & DSA immediately formed a strong partnership, and our team particularly enjoyed this project. We’ve followed up the initial website with several other joint projects.

Green Jersey has worked with the Down’s Syndrome Association on our main website through two upgrades, and also a new sister site called DSActive. The Green Jersey team ensure that every single detail of our requests & visions is taken on board and translated successfully on screen. They always look for the best value for money for our intended projects, and are very flexible to provide a high level of output in relation to your budget. This is not to say the final product will then be reflective of a cheaper or blander looking offering – complete opposite. The final product is always eye catching, very functional and, more than anything, always meets aims & objectives.

As a national disability charity, we had some very bespoke needs which in essence would be the key to success for the new site. Green Jersey focused around our needs for accessibility for people with disabilities, and also looked at ways to reduce copy, increase images, and give greater detail.

The new site has been an incredible success, with results speaking for themselves: fewer phone calls & incoming emails because visitors can now find online exactly what they want far more quickly, and the average user visit is 300% longer than for our previous website.

The online shop has allowed for new income generation, and as we head into next year, Green Jersey is helping us with options of how to maximize its potential.

Paul Zanon, Business Development Director, Down’s Syndrome Association