Our new e-commerce website for eteaket, a retailer of specialist tea, is one of our most sophisticated SellerDeck (previously known as Actinic) sites. It has a high degree of creative design and custom development throughout, and plenty of innovative features to make the site enjoyable to use and as effective as possible.

The site includes features such as:-

  • integrated WordPress blog which blends seamlessly into the e-commerce site
  • customised search scripts to return products matching buyers’ desired product specifications
  • newsletter sign-up
  • VIP club membership, products and discounts
  • automatically displayed symbols for tea strength, caffeine, etc. driven dynamically from the product catalogue
  • integrated Google Maps showing the source of each tea product
  • Flash photo gallery

“When I first approached Green Jersey to discuss my website, I knew absolutely nothing about websites and e-commerce. I was finding it incredibly difficult to sieve through masses of info and a huge range of prices when it came to web design. I decided that I wanted to use Actinic software and stumbled upon Green Jersey who were highly recommended online.

They guided me through the process from start to finish and were expert at drawing out what I needed the site to do and how I wanted it to look. The whole team really got behind my idea and their creative suggestions were brilliant, especially the spinning doiley menus. They never lost patience with me even though I’m a bit of a perfectionist and they were always quick to come up with solutions rather than simply stating problems. I’m so glad I spent the time and money on a good website as it has really helped eteaket Tea Boutique establish itself. The e-commerce side has been a great success and the site itself is responsible for driving a significant proportion of footfall to our cafe in Edinburgh.

Overall it was definitely good value for money and I still love the site 2 ½ years down the line. I’ve now got a site that I can manage and alter myself (being completely non-technical that’s quite an achievement) so I don’t need to spend lots of money whenever I want to amend anything. It’s worth noting that whenever I’ve got stuck with something to do with the site then Green Jersey have been very helpful and speedy. I can’t recommend the whole team highly enough.”

Erica Moore, Managing Director, eteaket Tea Boutique & Cafe