Evolve Adventure Training

Evolve Adventure Training

This is Green Jersey’s second site for our client Evolve OD. We launched their first site at the end of 2010, offering management consultancy and organisation development. The new site markets their new venture offering mountain training and sailing activities for businesses & groups. Evolve Adventure Training has a close family resemblence and is built in a similar way to the first site. This allows the site administrators to easily manage both sites with a single set of techniques.

The new site immediately presents Evolve Adventure Training as a quality, professional organisation. Many of its competitors have quite unimaginative sites which don’t convey the excitement of mountain and sea adventures, so we used careful design and powerful images to make the site as striking as possible.

Technical features include:-

  • CMS (content management system) through a highly developed WordPress implementation
  • extensive jQuery dynamic effects & functionality
  • webfonts to allow editable text using non-standard fonts