Polished Bliss

Polished Bliss

Polished Bliss is a leading supplier of high-end car care products. Green Jersey produced a completely new SellerDeck (previously known as Actinic) website to replace their successful but ageing Actinic v7 online store.

We produced new company branding for all business activities (signage, vehicle livery, stationery, print, as well as online) before designing a website which would not only sell Polished Bliss products very effectively, but would also market the luxury services supplied by the business.

The new site is one of the most sophisticated SellerDeck stores that Green Jersey has yet produced, with a long list of special features:-

“Committing to a major website redevelopment project can be a financially risky affair for small businesses, particularly if rebranding is involved too. We chose Green Jersey as our developer not only on the strength of their portfolio, but also on the back of positive feedback obtained by cold calling some of their previous clients. From the outset, we knew we were in good hands.

Green Jersey’s approach to the project was to kick things off with a day-long face to face meeting, which enabled us to properly brief them about our requirements. This set the tone brilliantly and also added an important personal touch to our working relationship. Following the brief, Green Jersey put together a comprehensive plan for the project, including the all-important delivery dates.

The first stages of the project, which mostly focused on design work associated with our branding and the look and feel of the new website, progressed according to plan. A multitude of solutions were proposed at each stage, and our frequent feedback and requests for further iterations were always well received. An apology from us is probably due at this stage for being so fussy!

Three months in to the six month project, work started on building the backend of the new site. It’s fair to say that all parties involved underestimated the amount of work this ultimately entailed, but the end result was worth it. In the end, the launch date slipped by four weeks, but given the simply massive number of hours everyone at Green Jersey worked, we couldn’t complain.

To say that we were, and remain, absolutely delighted with the work Green Jersey did for us is an understatement. The new branding and site design have enabled us to punch above our weight in our marketplace, and have made our brand much stronger. Everyone at Green Jersey “gets” us and what we do, and the design and feel of our branding and website reflects this.

In terms of value for money, we got a great deal. A fixed price was agreed for the initial rebranding and redevelopment project, and this probably ended up hurting Green Jersey given the amount of work that was ultimately involved. However, no mention was ever made of this, and we have tried hard to reward them with plenty of ad-hoc development work ever since as a result.

In summary, if you’re looking for a developer who will take the time to understand your business, create bespoke design and functionality solutions tailored specifically to your needs, and act with integrity and honesty at all times, then I would urge you to speak to Green Jersey.

We really enjoy working with them, and look forward to doing so for a long time to come.”

Rich Cooper, Managing Director, Polished Bliss Ltd