Transport Heritage

Transport Heritage

The Transport Trust asked us to create a comprehensive online, public database to commemorate Britain’s rich legacy in the development of transport.

The new “Transport Heritage” website has a vast amount of information about hundreds of historically significant locations within the UK. Each location within the database also has an aerial view, a photo gallery, and live weather information.

There are integrated Google Maps for all the regions and counties within the country, a message board, calendar and lots more. It’s all integrated with the site’s powerful CMS (Content Management System), so that officials all over the country can directly add information to the database.

Visually, the new site is designed to particularly appeal to young people, so that history and engineering are not seen as stuffy or dull.

“When we planned our major initiative to commemorate Britain’s legacy in the development of transport, we knew that a powerful website and database of locations would be at the heart of the programme. We also knew that the site had to be immediately more friendly, attractive and enjoyable to use than most other sites used to promote history and engineering.

At the outset, Green Jersey guided us through a comprehensive process to define & prioritise our requirements. Their specification covered every aspect of the new site: content, design, functionality, structure, navigation, etc.. This ensured that everyone involved in the project knew the objectives, and that we all shared a common vision.

The design process was very creative, and our site makes a tremendous visual impact. Where no suitable images were available, Green Jersey photographed everything needed to illustrate the site.

The heart of the site is our geographical database of several hundred locations. The team put together some very sophisticated technology for this, but still made it straightforward for our non-technical volunteers to add locations and build the database.

The website has met our requirements entirely, and the service from Green Jersey has been exemplary from day one.”

Neil Marshall, The Transport Trust